studio DUWAN


We elevate lifestyles through an innovative and experimental
design approach to create unique experiences, each vibrant and timeless.

Studio Duwan is a design collective based out of Delhi NCR. Led by architect-designer duo, Mannat Dua and Simran Dhawan who share a strong love towards all things design and a vision of creating timeless spaces, which stays fresh, year after year. Studio Duwan offers exclusive architectural and interior design solutions in the residential, commercial, hospitality and retail sectors.
Our goal as an architecture and interior design firm is to create spaces that are both visually appealing and functional for the people who will use them. We take great pride in ensuring that our client’s space is an expression of their lifestyle, their personality, their preferences and their many moods.
For us, spaces truly work when balance is created through contrast. The combination of client relationships along with meticulous attention to detail, allows our work to be dynamic, rich in research, and diverse. Through our work, we aim to design spaces which along with being functional and aesthetic, go beyond to creating experiences.